Friday, May 1, 2009

Faith --- Lesson of the Week

Faith --- it is a lesson that never grows old! It is the lesson that God has been teaching me this week.

Exgravagantly --- by showing us as a church just how BIG He truly is. Subtly --- by a small, yet tangible, detail showing me that He will provide for our every need if we put Him first. Graciously --- by helping me to see yet another tangent to the verse "without faith, it is impossible to please God" through a blog post. Assuringly --- my brother-in-law now has a surgery date to remove his cancer. Amusingly --- through my son repeatedly singing a memory verse jingle sung to the words "if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain... move from here to there and it will move... nothing will be impossible for you!"

So, my reflection of this week's faith lessons all started with the blog post I mentioned above. I would like to quote several phrases from it, but I would encourage everyone to read the whole post for themselves as it is quite thought-provoking:

“But not much in my life requires faith. I intentionally construct my life that way: do things I know I can do, with means I have, in territory familiar to me. But isn’t God saying that to please Him we need to live in this wild leap of faith?”

“Fear is the first step through to faith. Like hurdling through a ring of fire, certain He waits on the other side.” I reiterate, etch it deeper: “Without stepping into the fear, the place where faith’s necessary, it is impossible to please God.”Are we doing anything at all in our lives that require real faith in God?

Lord, where are the places in my life that I live in the wild leap of real faith? Focus me on the fearful places... that's where we break open into the vastness of You.

My thoughts took me back to Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself, to the chapter about faith. One of my favourite quotes from that chapter goes like this:
Very simply, we often are too scared to believe God. Some of those who've known Christ the longest have witnessed His power the least. Those of us who have been around a while are masters of limitation. Often we practice safe boundaries that keep us from being disappointed and others from being doubtful. Never stop growing; never stop knowing; and He'll never stop showing.
Lord, help me never to stop growing; never to stop knowing; and, always expecting You to never stop showing! Amen.

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