Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Moses Connection

Finally!!! --- some time to sit down and organize my thoughts on this whole Moses theme that God has been enlightening me with in recent days.

It all started when I had to preview the movie The Prince of Egypt because I was showing it to the children at church as their Sunday School lesson. I was greatly moved by the enormousness of Moses' sacrifice and his immense faith in God. I must admit that I never really saw Moses' story in this particular way before.

A good friend of mine, after reading my blog entry about the movie, emailed me about a book she is reading --- John Charles Ryle's 'Holiness'. She told me that I must read the chapter about Moses. Being the avid reader that I am, I quickly devoured the Moses chapter --- it was a great read, based mainly on Hebrews 11:24-27! Several points jumped out at me, which reinforced (of course!) what had initially moved me while watching the movie.

Here are some of those points:

~ Moses gave up rank and greatness; refused pleasure and riches. I thought about how this could translate to our society today... it could mean giving up our position in society or in our community; giving up people's respect; delaying gratification for a 'well-deserved' vacation or a nice home; refusing the opportunity to earn more money.

~ Moses chose suffering and affliction; the company of despised people; reproach and scorn. What do these translate to today? It could mean not taking the easy road, choosing to do the right thing even when it means sacrifice; associating with the outcasts of society, offering them hope and help; obeying God even when it means earning the reproach and scorn of our peers.

~ Moses did what he did because of his immense faith in God. He believed that God would keep His promises; that nothing was impossible with God; the God is all-wise and all-merciful. He chose God before the world.

Then, last Sunday, the guest speaker at church spoke about how meekness is a characteristic of a true Christ follower. Who does he pick as one of the examples? Of couse, Moses! In Numbers 12:3 (KJV) it says: "Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth."

Our guest speaker was quick to point out that meekness does not in any way mean weakness. In fact, it is power under control. He likened meekness to a soothing medicine, a gentle breeze and a domesticated horse. It is a result of humbling one's self before God.

Moses was meek towards God by obeying God without counting the cost; he was meek towards men by not defending himself when wronged; and, he was meek towards himself by overlooking his inadequacies and choosing to trust God instead.

That's the Moses connection, in a nutshell! Lots to learn, lots to digest, lots to ponder upon.

Meekness "shows itself when you seek to defend God, not yourself. It results in blessing and in inheriting the earth. It characterizes every true believer because it accompanies salvation, is commanded by God, is needed for receiving and communicating His Word, and glorifies Him."
---John MacArthur

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