Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tidbits from Here and There...

We're halfway through May already!  I must say that this month sure is flying by.  This also means that the prayer marathon for Team Haiti is halfway over.  Already?!?  At this halfway point, I'm pausing to blog about some tidbits... you know, stuff that's been happening with life in general.

So, a few weeks ago I blogged about "a new thing" --- a tug I've been feeling, a sense that God wanted me to reduce my hours at work so that I can free up more time to devote to missional things.  In my mind, this transition will be reality sometime in the Fall.  Well, little did I know, God is already two steps ahead of me.  Isn't He always?  :-)  Get this... as of this past week, I officially started job-sharing with another person essentially reducing my work week by at least 10 hours!!!  An added bonus is that my job-share partner is a great friend of mine!  Isn't God just something else?!?

So, this past week being the first week with reduced hours at work for me --- God had me busy with God-things right away!  Isn't that just awesome?!?  I spent a good chunk of my week shopping for supplies that Team Haiti would take down with them to Baie d'Orange this coming weekend.  Another mission God had me on this week was to purchase meals for a family in our neighbourhood that is going through a rough time right now.

It's indeed a privilege to be able to join God where He is at work --- sharing hope by providing help!

Finally, today was a sad day for Canada.  Yet another soldier, Private Kevin McKay, came home from Afganistan in a casket... the 144th soldier killed since the Afghan mission began in 2002.

Hubby and I decided this is the day we would take the kids to an overpass overlooking the Highway of Heroes to pay our respects to a fallen soldier as the entourage carrying his body drives by below.  We've said for a while now that we would do this... but never once did we actually go.  Well, today we did.

It was very emotional to see the procession in reality!  It was quite an unforgettable experience.  Here we are at one of the local overpasses in our city...  waiting...  we stood there and waited for over an hour...  LEST WE FORGET!   

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